Shiner Smokehouse Celebrates Huge Milestones

Image of Paul "Buck Sr" Patek

Celebrating Shiner Smokehouse Patriarch & Arrival at Houston Kroger Supermarkets

This is a special day! It is Paul “Buck Sr.” Patek’s 70th birthday and the day we have chosen to announce a huge milestone for Shiner Smokehouse.

We are extremely proud to announce that Shiner Smokehouse sausage will now be available for purchase in Kroger supermarkets in Houston, Texas! Our family history — specifically Paul Patek —  has contributed so much to what Shiner Smokehouse is today.

Image of Grocery Store Picture

It all started in 1937 at Patek’s Grocery and Market in Shiner, Texas. Our family has encountered many obstacles over the long 77-year journey. Difficulties arose with the family business, as some branches thrived while others fell by the wayside. It was different year to year: one year we’d be opening a processing plant, and another year we’d simply be working hard to keep the grocery and meat market stocked. Manpower and resilience kept the businesses alive.

We also experienced difficulty from the loss of  brotherhood that would make us stop in our footsteps and mourn.  As we lost Grandpa Joe — and then David, Bobby Sr., and Peppy — life became a little different. We pushed on as our business and family was guided by the ebb and flow of life. But hardship did not stop the fortitude of Paul Sr. and Little Bob Patek, and the only answer was to work even harder. The original foundation that still stands today is due to the sacrifice of these two people and their dedicated employees. As we would say, the Smokehouse is still smoking.

Image of Patek Family at Grocery Store

My father, Paul “Buck Sr.” Patek, started working at the store some 60 odd years ago and has worked there ever since. As I was growing up in a family of six kids (three girls and three boys), we all had a chance to work at the store with Dad, just as he did with his own father when the Patek Grocery and Market was in its early days. I spent a good many hours at the store — smoking sausage, cleaning, and learning how to butcher — but I can’t say I’ve spent my entire life working and growing a business like Buck Sr. has been doing. 60 years is no small feat to stick to something and never give up. That store is why I am who I am today. It is a symbol of hard work and a celebration of family.

Today marks the 70th birthday of Paul “Buck Sr.” Patek. We would like to thank Paul Patek, my father, for contributing to the city of Shiner through business, family, church ,and more. Without him, life — or the town of Shiner — would not be the same. Without him, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to live my dream of bringing Shiner Smokehouse to the world. And most definitely, Shiner Smokehouse wouldn’t be bringing the heat to Houston, Texas…just in time for his 70th birthday.

My father held on to the vision of producing quality smoked meats and being a best-in-class butcher. It’s because of his determination and unwillingness to compromise quality that Texans will be able to take part in a family tradition that started 77 years ago.

As Grandpa Joe or Uncle Pep would say, “You are our sunshine.” Happy 70th Birthday, Buck Sr.! Here’s to many more. We love you.

—Brian Patek


  1. richard shanklin says:

    Congratulations! Good to know that, sometimes, good things happen to good folks. I have heard it said that the luckiest people just happen to be the ones who work the hardest.
    Looking forward, impatiently, to your fine products showing up the the Fort Worth area.
    My wife and I are planning a trip to the Hill Country for the wild flowers this spring and hope to drop by your store.

    God bless y’all.

  2. Thank you so much, Richard, for your kind words. You are right, we are lucky and we do work hard. Make sure to go by a store near you and fill out a product request form. If people continue to ask for our sausage, the stores will feel like the have to comply with what the public wants. Also, remember, you can order our sausage online. (Be sure to subscribe to our email list because sometimes we offer coupons to our fans) We hope you have a nice trip to the hill country. -Shiner Smokehouse