Shiner Smokehouse Rolls Out the Red Carpet

image of Shiner Smokehouse crew & Friends

Recently, the Shiner Smokehouse team took a visit back to the old stompin’grounds in Shiner, TX. We invited some friends who had never been to Shiner to take a tour of the town and visit the original Patek Grocery Store, along with other notable Shiner attractions.

We met at Kasper Bed and Breakfast and hopped on the Shiner Hobo Bus which was to be our transportation for the next two days. The Shiner Hobo Bus is used to transport the Shiner Hobo Band, a local polka group with roots dating back to World War 1, to events and weddings around the area for which they provide entertainment. The band gets its name from the eclectic garb the members wear, donning mix-matched clothing while a toilet plunger is used as the conductor’s baton.

image of Vats at Spoetzel Brewery

Our first stop was a quick lunch at the local steakhouse, Werner’s, then off to the Spoetzl Brewery to kick off the trip with a tour of the facility. Jimmy Mauric, head brew master, handed us protective goggles and guided us below conical fermentation vats and clinking bottling lines. Wafts of fresh grain and peaches swept past our noses. It was amazing to see the brewing and bottling process from start to finish and be witness to their efficient production rate, considering the low number of Spoetzl Brewery employees.

As a special treat, Jimmy and Anne allowed us to try the brewery’s latest concoction, Shiner White Wing, a Belgian white ale with hints of fresh orange and coriander as it glances over the tongue. After a few tastings, we hopped on the Shiner Hobo Bus and Laddie (our driver for the weekend and Hobo Band member) took us a mile down the road to the Old Patek Grocery and Market- the only grocery in town.

Image of Shiner Smokehouse Sausage

In a special room behind the grocery, we were able to see the stuffing and smoking process involved with making Patek family smoked sausages. We watched as rungs of sausage were hung in the smoker and Little Bobby Patek stoked the oak wood to enable the smoking and drying process. On the loading dock, in true Patek Family style, we sipped on beer and munched on freshly, dried sausage as the family swapped stories about growing up in Shiner and old world traditions.  After the Patek Happy Hour, we retreated back to our rooms to freshen up for dinner. The entire Patek Family came out to join, which is a good portion of the town. We grubbed on each variety of Shiner Smokehouse sausages as well as ribs, briskets and sides galore.

We toasted to health, food, family and happiness and the Patek family broke out in song about…you guessed it…beer.


“In heaven there is no beer.

That’s why we drink it here.

And when we’re gone from here.

Well our friends will be drinking all the beer.”

The next day we visited St. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church and the Edwin Wolters Museum where we took a glimpse into Shiner’s rich past and community. Our last stop was Howard’s, where we enjoyed a “Dollar Cup” of Shiner Beer on the back patio. We parted from our friends happy and full of memories.

image of USO Riders

As our friends headed back home, the Shiner Smokehouse Crew remained to prepare for the Shiner Half-Moon BBQ Cook-Off. We pulled out our long, flat-bed smoker and helped provide food for the USO, a military organization visiting Shiner by way of motorcycles for the weekend. In true Czech and Texas style, we ended the weekend by giving back. In Shiner, a sense of community and giving reigns highest- this is why you will  always be welcomed with a beer as soon as you step foot in our little town.


  1. …what a great story! I love our little town…Shiner, Texas…na zdraví!!