Sausage Recipe-Stuffed Jalapeños That Rock

  Bringing the Heat with This Sausage Recipe As we start to enjoy the beautiful spring Texas weather, outdoor family get-togethers begin to happen. The grills comes out for good and cook-outs become a regular  past-time.  If you are tired of the same-ole same-ole and would like to spice things up, try making this sausage Read More

Super Bowl Appetizer- Sausage Poblano

In celebration of the much anticipated Super Bowl 2014, Shiner Smokehouse decided to start off the year with a mouthwatering appetizer recipe sure to blow the socks off all of your guests at your Super Bowl party on Feb. 2nd. This one is a keeper; everyone is going to be begging you for the recipe. Read More

Best Ways to Smoke a Turkey for Thanksgiving

An oven-roasted turkey is wonderful, but this may be the year to break tradition with a delicious outdoor smoked turkey. Whether using a smoker or an outdoor grill, smoking a turkey will provide a tender, juicy, flavorful main course this Thanksgiving Day. Smoker versus Outdoor Grill  The best method is using a smoker, in which Read More

3 Quick Must-Have Dinner Sausage Recipes

Fall is now upon us and by this time, most of you have already started to get into a regular routine with maybe the exception of dinner. Between taking children to school, rushing to football practice and making sure homework gets done, dinner plans start to become the white elephant you keep pushing to the Read More

Hot Fudge Sundae, Caramel Sundae…Barbecue Sundae

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the origin of the term “sundae” is obscure. But the popular legend is that some time in the late 1800s, a child wanted a sweet snack on a hot Sunday afternoon, and that is how the “sundae” was born. Evanston, Illinois claims to be one of the birth places Read More